Already 15 years !

For almost 15 years, our shuttle team located in Waremme has been devoted to making your life easier.

We welcome you and guide you towards the best solution, the best prices but above all the best services for your airport shuttles.

AccueilConcierge service


You are overloaded and you do not have the time to do your shopping?

You are missing raw materials but you cannot leave your shop, your office or your restaurant ?

A letter, a parcel or some goods have to be sent or dispatched to some place in Belgium or elsewhere ?

You are waiting for a visa to travel abroad and you do not have time to get it from the embassy or the consulate ?

Your pet is not well or it needs to get its vaccine booster before going on holiday with you ? We can take charge of bringing it to the vet or to your holiday resort or to your house.

Your child is prolonging their holiday at their aunt's home in Spain, and they need personnal effects, meds or something else, we will bring them there.

One of your colleagues is in Paris, Rome, ...but they miss an important file that they need within the shortest time limit ? We will hand it over !


For all those services and more, you can always count on us !

The means we turn to and the carrying out of our missions will always be up to your expectations.

We have all you need and we will make anything to be trustworthy.

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