Already 15 years !

For almost 15 years, our shuttle team located in Waremme has been devoted to making your life easier.

We welcome you and guide you towards the best solution, the best prices but above all the best services for your airport shuttles.



You need to go somewhere but you cannot drive for whatever reason ?

You are a private individual and you sometimes feel uncomfortable driving a long way or stuck in the big cities traffic ?

Your job requires that you travel a lot by car (to Paris, amsterdam, Luxembourg, Bruxelles) and you would like to take advantage of those trips to work on something else ?

You already have a driver, who is ill or unavailable, and you need to replace him.


With our Drivers & Go service you have a clear conscience since we avoid the following problems :

  • Parking
  • More security (for your family, friends, customers and yourself)
  • Alcohol (if you were at a business lunch, a reception)
  • Vandalism (the driver always stays near the car)
  • ...

Our driver service will be charged : 35€/hour excluding VAT.
Any further waiting hour will be charged : 25€/hour excluding VAT.

These prices do not include the expenses that are payable by you (or they will be rebilded): hotel, toll, restaurant, fine(s), tow truck, repatriation, taxes and other costs inherent in the service provision.

The minimum service is three hours.

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